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Garage Door Repair in Winter Park, FL

Our team at Garage Door Repair Winter Park, FL is here to take care of all of your garage door needs. We offer many repair services. Our technicians work with quality products for leading manufacturers to ensure that the completed job is dependable. 

Garage Door Repair Services You Can Count On

When you have a broken garage door, you want it repaired as quickly as possible. We understand that. Our team works on your schedule. When we get your call, we will send a technician when it is convenient for you. 

We keep in communication and will let you know when the technician will be arriving with a courtesy call. When they arrive on location, your technician will work promptly to resolve your issue and make any necessary garage door repairs. There are several parts that our team address on a regular basis:

  • Cables - we replace them when they break
  • Springs - we can replace, adjust, and lubricate them
  • Sensors - we can clean and replace them
  • Door panels - we can repair them when they break
  • Rollers - we can lubricate or replace them
  • Tracks - we can replace the ones that are broken 

We Use Product Brands You Trust

When one of our technicians makes a repair, we want our customers to feel confident in the products being used in their garage door. We choose to only partner with leading manufacturers. This allows us to keep our technicians stocked with the parts that they need to be able to perform the dependable garage door services that you trust. 

What Is The Emergency Release Cord?

Most garage doors are built to operate electronically. While this is convenient most of the time, there may be times when might need to manually open and close your door. For example, if your power goes, you may still need to exit your garage. 

The emergency release cord, which is usually a red rope that hangs for the trolley, allows you to switch to manual operation. Before pulling the cord, make sure that your garage door is closed. Pulling the cord when the door is open is dangerous and poses a safety hazard, as it could fall. If your door ever becomes stuck in the open position, call a technician for assistance as soon as possible. 

To use the cord, pull it down and away from the door. This will cause the trolley and the opener carriage to disconnect from each other. At that time, you can manually operate your door. 

To reconnect the carriage to the trolley, you will pull the cord down and away from the door. Once they have reattached, your door should operate electronically again. 

We Are Waiting to Help You

Whether you are looking for somebody to complete garage door repairs or perform installation services, Garage Door Repair Winter Park, FL has the team for you. Our professional technicians possess the skills and experience that is needed to get the job done right. We always aim to meet the needs of our customers and exceed your expectations. Pick up the phone and give us a call today!

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